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Sports management has become increasingly heterogeneous and elaborated. As a truly global enterprise dedicated to the management of sports and beyond, Beyond Sports Management is able to leverage its wide resources and network, and create personal advantage for its clients. Beyond Sports Management represents athletes, coaches, sports organizations and premier events.


Players hire us to represent them in contract negotiations with a team. Agents handle almost everything off the field for the player, so the player just needs to worry about playing. Some of the duties of agents include: 



Contract Negotiation


We continuously research the market and the current players' salary scales, we determine the highest possible value of the player's services based on their experience and talents, and we convince teams to pay our clients that value. It is important to understand that clients practically do not pay us any fee since it comes from the additional income that we generate in the negotiation.

Sponsorship & Endorsement


Income originating from commercial advertisement and sponsorship has become more substantial for players and teams. Through our local and international corporate network, we work professionally to obtain additional income for the player from commercials, endorsements or speeches in the U.S. as well as abroad. 

Media Management


A successful player needs not only a superior performance on the field, but also a sound image management outside the field. For most people, it is not an easy task to lively talk in front of a camera and to properly communicate to millions of people. We provide assistance with dealing with media. We instruct our clients on what to do and what not to do in interviews, and how to deal with different possible situations. 

Financial Planning 


A player's active career is timely restricted, thus he/she needs to properly invest the income gained during his/her professional career. We provide financial advice, money management, tax planning and smart investment options. We can optionally design a financial package to fit the player's needs. 

Total Support


We also help our athletes in: 


Residency: home search, home moving and moving management

Retirement (post-career) planning: 

   1) Investment - business, real estate, paper assets, etc.

   2) Educational courses - language skills, information technology, coaching license, etc.

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Beyond Sports Management represents coaches and trainers before sports organizations and enterprises as agents, intermediary and interlocutor for employment and business opportunities.


Beyond Sports Management seeks to organize friendly matches, tournaments, and sporting events at every corner in the world. We understand what sports fans, media and sponsors want. So, we do not hesistate to cross borders to bring great excitement to sports fans around the world, to attract unique viewers to media, and to create interesting opportunities for sponsors.



Beyond Sports Management controls commercial rights to clubs and stadia. We are involved in selling:


Stadium Marketing Rights: stadium naming right, billboards (TV-related and non TV-related), perimeter and center field advertising, displays, inflatables, logo and product display on stairways, etc.

Digital Marketing Rights: using social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, etc. 

Premium Seating: luxury corporate boxes, executive/business seats, etc.

Sponsorship: right to use clubs logos, right to use phrases e.g. "Official partner of Manchester United FC", etc.


Events & Promotion: autograph sessions, right to use titles e.g. "Sponsor of the day", event for employees and clients.

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