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Beyond Sports Management designs a marketing plan for each client to maximize income potential. We advise companies in recruiting sports heroes, saving company's time and money. We match corporations, advertising agencies and promotional companies with our players and teams for endorsements, on-site personal appearances, broadcasting, special events, charity and community events, speaking engagements, licensing, and other promotional opportunities.

Player Endorsement

We take into account each client's primary market, public image, and outside interests. The presence of one of the most admired sports players as the spokesperson for a company in any advertising campaign will provide its products and services with an extraordinary credibility among the target audience. 

Team Endorsement

Sports matches may be broadcast locally, regionally, nationwide and abroad through numerous TV channels. Beyond Sports Management can acquire the rights to have a company's logo printed on the jersey of a professional team, garnering the benefits of TV advertising.

Stadium Opportunities

Beyond Sports Management controls and sells commercial rights to stadia. A company's name and logo can be placed as the stadium name and in billboards, displays, inflatables, stairways, field perimeter, center circle, and stadium magazine. 

Player Appearance

Beyond Sports Management creates unique sports marketing events that connect with consumers in a fun and exciting way. A company can draw hundreds of potential customers by having a sports star make an appearance at the grand opening of a retail venue or at an autograph session.

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