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*Your child can benefit from body coordination/balance and agility training, but specific for the sport of soccer. This will help him not only improve his lateral speed, but also on better first touch, ball control, shooting, etc. In addition, developing his technical-tactical ability on 1v1 is critical at his age, both offensively and defensively. Individual and group lessons are available. Qualified coaches will be assigned based on kids age and skill level. Duration: 1 hours per session.



We offer lessons to kids who want to improve their skills and those preparing themselves for tryouts and showcases. Coach carefully evaluates the player and then plans a training program that fits the player's needs.



1 Lesson = $120 

10 Lessons = $1,000

20 Lessons = $1,600



An organizer gets together a few friends and classmates, and gives us a call to arrange a convenient place, day and time. We can meet at any apporpriate indoor or outdoor space. Some buildings have gyms, aerobic studios or big playrooms; some schools make their gyms availavle to their students' families. There are also spots in nearby public parks and playgrounds.


The organizer is the contact person for the group and liaises with Beyond Sports. Payment from the group goes directly to the organizer.

Coach-Kids Ratio


Age 2 - 2.5 ..... maximum 3 kids per coach

Age 2.5 - 3.5 ..... maximum 4 kids per coach

Age 4 - 5 ..... maximum 5 kids per coach

Age 5 - 6 ..... maximum 6 kids per coach

Age 6 - 9 ..... maximum 7 kids per coach




1 Coach = $120 per session

2 Coaches = $220 per session

3 Coaches = $300 per session

4 Coaches = $380 per session





Additional rental fees may apply for indoor locations. Minimum of 6 sessions; however, 10 sessions are suggested to benefit from results.


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