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Our objective is to provide excellence in high-performance training alternatives for competitive players of all ages and for teams of all levels. We strive to find the world's leading options around the globe.


We train professional and amateur players in order to place them in the highest level of national or international competition. Designed specifically for dedicated soccer players, we offer challenging instruction, in an environment exclusively designed for advanced players. Training sessions integrate skill training, game play, and intense agility and coordination exercises.


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Medical Services


  • 24-hour kinesiology doctors

  • Permanent sports doctor

  • Pharmacology


Facilities and Lodging


  • Hotel for concentration of 1 Division team

  • 3 full-size natural grass field

  • 1 indoor turf field

  • Conference room & teaching rooms

  • International cusine

  • Comfortable rooms

  • Telephone, cable television and Internet

  • Play room

  • Full laundry service

  • Central heating and air conditioning

  • 24-hour security

  • Private parking

  • Fully comprehensive insurance


Other Services


  • Cultural and sports tours

  • Language teachers

  • Transportation to educational institutions




  • Training for individual players and foreign delegations

  • Courses, seminars and congresses for coaches, trainers, and other soccer professionals

  • Rehabilitation of injured players

  • Goalkeeper School

  • Professional high-compelling training to: 

    • Domestic and foreign teams that compete at a professional level 

    • Professional players with or without a professional contract

    • Amateur players with or without a club, previously approved by the institution




  • First private center in Argentina

  • Chosen by FC Barcelona to develop youth talents in Argentina

  • Endorsed by international coach Cesar Menotti

  • Trained more than 3,000 players worldwide

Players sent to Argentina by Beyond Sports Management


  • Carlos Menjivar Jr.

  • Christopher Ortega

  • Juan Peralta


Other players


  • Michael Connolly

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